Davies Toews

Issue 6   Vol. 206  June 2018   Pgs. 1 46-147

Davies Toews directly confronts irregularities and constraints to transform potentially awkward architectural moments into meticulously designed spaces and public installations. To address these challenges, the firm creates geometrically complex forms that subtly convey a shift in scales and forge connections between disjointed spaces. 


Mohamed Amine Siana

Issue 12   Vol. 204   Dec. 2016   Pgs. 38-39

During its 44 years under colonial rule, Morocco served as a petri dish for experiments in modernism by French architects and planners like Jean-François Zevaco and Michel Ecochard. Today, 38-year-old architect Mohamed Amine Siana attempts to reconcile traditional North African architecture with that movement's imposition in the built environment,  in both public and residential buildings.