2016 Cover.jpg

Architecture by Design

Dec. 2016   Pgs. 240-241

Reflecting the interdisciplinary overlap between object design and architecture, Design Miami/  gives its annual Design Visionary award to SHoP Architects, which also created the fair's entry pavilion.


The Future Does Indeed Look Perfect

Dec. 2015   Pgs. 256-257


All Eyes on the East

Dec. 2015   Pgs. 250-251


2014 cover.jpg

Education by Design

Dec. 2014   Pgs. 228-229


Kabinett of Wonder

Dec. 2014   Pg. 72


Cover 2013.jpg

Systems Analyst

Dec. 2013   Pg. 224


Cultural Scene

Dec. 2013   Pg. 158-160

2011 Cover.jpg

Private Eyes

Dec. 2011   Pgs. 88-92