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Beyond the Banter

April 13, 2017

Can a design trade fair act as a site for critical discourse? Design, of course, can’t solve for society’s ills, but designers possess the ability to stretch their imagination to offer more than just product. A look at the socially responsible design on view during Milan's annual Salone design fair. 

Fulton Center

November 26, 2014

Although Fulton Center station eases a lot of commuter pain and presents the city of New York with a grand new standard in subway station design, it seems that the station needs more time to grow into its superlatives.

Puddle, Pothole, Portal

October 9, 2014

The SculptureCenter in Queens, renovated by Andrew Berman Architect, reopens with Puddle, pothole, portal, a group show of works that explore the uncanny logic of cartoons.

Monika Sosnowska: Tower

September 12, 2014

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s 860-880 Lakeshore Drive Apartments from 1951 form the inspiration for Polish artist Monika Sosnowska’s work, Tower, on view at Hauser & Wirth’s 18th Street New York gallery.